Gender/role balancing survey: update

Dear Readers, in the short period of time since I created the survey (yesterday night) I got already 8 responses; thanks to all who took their time to answer. Okay, 8 might not sound too much but with a page visit count of slightly above 100 this turnout is at least in the normal turnout range for such surveys.

Now there is a little problem. I should have done better research before lauching the survey: the free version of SurveyMonkey limits the number of responses to 100. Okay, 100 is some way to go – on the other hand I will leave the survey online for some time. I hope (maybe with the help of some multiplicators) for several hundred responses (or more) to achieve something which can be called statistical significance.

By the way, multiplicators: I promise to prepare a Excel version of the survey results for everyone interested; and of course I will present the results on this blog.

I should say that SurveyMonkey appears to be a nice tool (as it happens I have some experience in polls and surveys, from a quality of service/market research point of view). On the other hand I am not really ready to spend 100+ Euro  (if  I assume this survey runs for a couple of months) on a upgraded version just like that.

Therefore I created another version of the questionnaire using Google Forms. Here is the link:

Please feel free to share this link. In order to limit the answers to one per person I had to enable „log-in“; hopefully this is not too restrictive; it appears that the alternative is to risk „data pollution“ by multiple answers. Please do not hesitate to provide me feedback; I promise to try to improve as much as I can (as long as the integrity of the data is not at stake). I will leave the SurveyMonkey version online so you may just „vote with your feet“ about the preferred mode…but I don’t guarantee that I will pay for raising the limit of answers. I will however try to join the results (so here is a way to cheat at least a little bit – just do both surveys…). Here is the SurveyMonkey link again:



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